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Freiheit Freedom typograhic Art by Horst Ehlert as key visual
„Freedom“ – Many artists from „Tempo 38“ group creating an exhibition in transition

„Freiheit“ at 2nach4

Starting at 20th April 2024 at 2nach4 Kunstgenuss, Schwerinstraße 2, 28217 Bremen-Walle
Open every Thursday from 4pm to 8pm.
From 20th April – 16th June 2024

"Money, Money, Money" von Heike Seyffarth kuratierte Ausstellung im Creative Hub Bremen
Artwork will be presented at the Exhibition at Creative Hub Gallery, Bremen

Money, Money, Money

23rd February – 30th May 2024 – Gallery at Creative Hub Bremen, Friedrich-Karl-Straße 54, 28205 Bremen

Artwork by Andreas Wick and others will be shown at helga kneipe, Bremen

Kneip(en) K(ult)ur

(Pub Culture) Exhibition with works from Bettina Bexte, Isa Fischer, Rainer Schmidt and Andreas Wick
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 8th June 2024 6pm
From 8th June /13th July 2024
open Monday to Saturday 7 pm till 10.30 pm,
helga Kneipe, Helgolander Str. 22, 28217 Bremen

cropped detail of "splashed Portrait" image by Andreas Wick presented at ArtFest 2024
Artwork by Andreas Wick will be shown at ArtFest 2024

Art Fest 2024

‚Through the Kaleidoscope‘ Bremen-based student led art exhibition at Constructor University (formerly known as Jacobs University) 12. /13. April 2024
Friday 7 pm till 10.30 pm, Saturday 10 am till 10.30 pm
Campus Ring 1, Bremen, Germany 28759

Kunst.Hafen.Walle Exhibition will take place at 4./5th November 2023

Kunst.Hafen.Walle 2023

4. November – 5. November 2023 – Bremen-Walle

Composing Bremer Vierfalt. Four images from art group 2nach4
Artist Friends 2nach4: Horst Ehlert, Konrad Siess, Hanns Selig and Andreas Wick

Bremer 4FALT

From 9. July – 17. Sept. 2023 at Blaues Haus Worpswede

Maria 2.0 by artist Andreas Wick at Art Box Gallery NY
Artwork will be shown at the ArtBox Exhibition 2023 in New York City

Art Box Gallery NY

17. – 26. April 2023 – 345 Broome Street
New York 10013
Nolita, Manhattan NYC

Andreas Wick will take part at the Annual Exhibition

Art Fest 2023

Constructor University (formerly known as Jacobs University) 24. /25. March 2023
Friday 7 pm till 10.30 pm, Saturday 10 am till 10.30 pm

Apocalyptic Amazons

Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial Life

Creating artwork can be a deeply personal and meaningful experience for those who are passionate about art. For many, it is a form of self-expression and a way to explore their emotions, memories, and ideas through their art. Art allows people to experience and express their feelings in a creative and unique way, and to express themselves without the need for words. It can also be used to explore and celebrate different cultures, values, and beliefs. Art can be a form of healing, a way to express and process difficult emotions, and a way to connect with and understand others. Art is a powerful way for people to express themselves and create something beautiful.

Art is an essential part of our lives, as it helps bring beauty, joy, and meaning to our lives. Art has the power to connect us to the world around us, and to our own inner selves. Art helps us to recognize beauty in the world, to see and appreciate the diversity of life, and to express our emotions and experiences. Art also helps us to develop empathy and understanding, as it allows us to explore different cultures, beliefs, and points of view. Art is a form of communication and expression that allows us to connect with others and to build relationships. In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, art is a necessary reminder of beauty, love, and hope.

„Besuchen Sie meine Ausstellung lispelt Lisbeth”

“Visit my exhibition, lips ‚lisabeth.”
Max Ernst